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Title: Emblemas morales de Don Iuan de Horozco Covarruuias... .
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Alternative Title: Emblemas morales de Don Ivan de Horozco Covarruvias
Creator: Horozco y Covarrubias, Juan de, fl. 1589-1608.
Publisher: En Caragoça : Por Alfonso Rodriguez : A costa de Iuan de Bonilla ... ,
Date: 1604.
Physical Description: 3 v. in 1 : ill. (woodcuts) ; 21 cm. (8vo)
Language: spa
Notes: Title page in red and black.
Includes indexes.
Parts 2 (dated 1603) and 3 have separate t.p. but continuous foliation. Each contains 50 emblems within ornamental borders with Bonillas marks.
Irregularities in foliation: v. 1, leaf 16, 27, 29 numbered 14, 25, 27 respectively; in v. 2-3 leaves 37, 76, 78, 93 and 197 numbered 73, 74, 76, 39 and 196 respectively.
Irregularities in signing: v. 1 leaf B4 signed A4
Signatures: v. 1: A-L8; v. 2-3: A-2E8.
Contemporary limp vellum binding in poor condition. Worm holes in upper and lower margins throughout vol. 3.
On t.p. illegibile note in ink in contemporary hand.
References: McGeary & Nash. Emblem books at the University of Illinois, H47.
Landwehr, Romanic emblem books, 396
Praz, p. 374
Contributor: Rodríguez, Alfonso, 1526-1616
Bonilla, Ioan de, printer.
Subject: Emblem books, Spanish