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Title: Dominus'que pars cu[m] viginti quatuor regulis congruitatum, divisionibus verborum fundamento artis metrificandi, co[m]pendio cognitionis pedum :
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Alternative Title: Regula: Dominus quae pars.
Dominus quae pars
Rudimenta grammatices
Rudimenta grammaticae
Creator: Donatus, Aelius.
Publisher: [Cologne : Heinrich Quentell,
Date: ca. 1495-1500]
Physical Description: [20] leaves : ill. (woodcut) ; 19 cm. (4to)
Language: lat
Notes: Recorded by Goff as Donatus, Ars minor; recorded by ISTC as Remigius, Regula: Dominus quae pars.
Imprint from ISTC.
Signatures: a-b⁶ c⁸.
Hand Decoration: Partially rubricated; some initials supplied in ink.
Binding: Vellum fragment of a liturgical manuscript, rubricated in red and blue, containing the text of the Introit and Communion of the Mass for the Vigil of St. Andrew.
Provenance: Purchased from Gimbel, 3 July 1942.
Miscellaneous: Initial spaces; marginalia in ink.
Former Shelfmark: x 475 R833 1496.
References: Goff, D-344
GW, 11172
Harman, M. Incunabula in the University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign (1979), 350
ISTC (online), ir00142850
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Summary: An adaptation of Donatus's Ars minor combined with parts of Remigius's Regula: Dominus quae pars. Possibly a reprint of GW 11171, with the substitution of woodcut A for B.
Contributor: Remigius, ca. 841-908.
Quentell, Heinrich, d. 1501, printer.
Subject: Accipies woodcut.